OPS Milestones

1977                    Ontario Provincial Standards for Road and Municipal Services initiated as the result of a recommendation in the Municipal Project Liaison Committee Report
1977 to 1984      The Joint Committee and four subcommittees developed the OPS specifications and drawings
1984                    OPS first published
1984                    Nine specialty committees formed
1984-04              Ministry of Transportation adopts OPS
1985-02              Ministry of the Environment adopts OPS
1985-09              OPS Electrical Drawing Manual published
1990                    Toronto adopts OPS
1990                    OPS General Conditions of Contract published
1992-09              MTO adopts OPS General Conditions of Contract
1992-10              OPS User’s Guide published
1994                    Ontario Clean Water Agency joins the OPS system as a contributor
1994                    Management study carried out by private consultant on the OPS organization
1994-11              Ministry of Natural Resources joins the OPS system as a contributor
1995-Summer    Ronen Publishing House becomes the official publisher for MTO including OPS
1996 to 1997      Management study carried out by MTO on OPS Section
1996-05              OPS Advisory Board formed
1996-12              OPS Products Management Committee formed
1997-01              Joint Committee renamed OPS Standards Management Committee
1997-10              Official name changed to Ontario Provincial Standards for Roads and Public Works
1998-10              Heavy Construction Association of Toronto joins OPS system as contributor
1999-02              Product Information Management Agreement signed between OGRA and MTO
2000-06              Electrical Safety Authority joins the OPS system as a contributor
2000-07              City of Toronto joins the OPS system as a partner
2000-09              Official OPS website (www.ops.on.ca) online
2003-09              OPWA joins the OPS system as a contributor
2005-09              Ronen Publishing House contract expires leading to a new method of publishing and distributing the Ontario Provincial Standards:
·         Ontario Provincial Standards available free of charge on the MTO website
·         Hard-copy and CD versions available from Publications Ontario
2005-11              OPS Advisory Board sanctions OIBC Committee as an OPS specialty committee
2006-01              OIBC released
2006-01              Redesigned OPS website goes live
2006-11              Revised OPS review process accepted by MTO and MEA
2007-04              First provincial- and municipal-oriented specifications published
2008-11              Custodianship of OIBC is transferred to OGRA
2010-11              Reallocation of divisions and relocation of specifications in OPS volumes
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