Membership Selection

Individuals representing an organization on OPS Committees do so at the discretion of the appropriate Ontario Provincial Standards for Roads and Public Works (OPS) owner or partner organization. Members are appointed and approved by the organization they represent and are endorsed by the next senior committee or boardIn the case of the OPS specialty committees, it is the responsibility of the OPS Standards Management Committee (SMC) to contact the appropriate onwer or partner organization to request a representative for the OPS specialty committee.
If a new member is required, the Committee Coordinator makes a request for a new representative to the SMC through the Head of OPS Administration. If the OPS specialty committee is aware of an interested person or can identify the type of individual they require on their committee, for example, from a rural municipality or experience in drainage, then the Committee Coordinator provides this information in the request. The SMC provides this information to the organization to assist in their recruitment.