OPS Owners, Partners, and Supporters


Municipal Engineers Association                                                                     MEA
Ontario Ministry of Transportation                                                                 MTO

Partners, Public and Private
A partner is an organization that has regular membership on an OPS committee

Consulting Engineers of Ontario                                                                    CEO
Electrical Contractors Association, Ontario                                                    ECAO
International Municipal Signals Association                                                     IMSA
Ontario Good Roads Association                                                                  OGRA
Ontario Road Builders’ Association                                                                ORBA
Ontario Sewer and Watermain Construction Association                                OSWCA
City of Toronto

A supporter is an organization that contributes expertise on an ad hoc basis

Aggregate Producers Association Ontario                                                      APAO
Canadian Institute of Steel Construction                                                        CISC
Canadian Prestressed Concrete Institute                                                       CPCI
Cement Association of Canada                                                                     CAC
Centre for the Advancement of Trenchless Technologies                                CATT
Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe Association                                                      CPPA
Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute                                                                      CSPI
Electrical Safety Authority                                                                              ESA
Electricity Distributors Association                                                                  EDA
Heavy Construction Association of Toronto                                                   HCAT
Ministry of Natural Resources                                                                        MNR
Ontario Clean Water Agency                                                                         OCWA
Ontario Concrete Pipe Association                                                                 OCPA
Ontario Public Works Association                                                                   OPWA
Ontario Hot Mix Producers Association                                                           OHMPA
Ready Mixed Concrete Association of Ontario                                                 RMCAO
Sewer Pipe Inspection and Management Association                                       SPIMA
Uni-Bell PVC Pipe Association                                                                         Uni-Bell