Ontario Provincial Standards Unit

The Ontario Provincial Standards Unit of the MTO Design and Contract Standards Office is responsible for management and maintenance of the Ontario Provincial Standards for Roads and Public Works (OPS) organization. The responsibilities for this unit are: 

o       Support and coordinate the efforts of the OPS Advisory Board, OPS Products Management Committee, OPS Standards Management Committee, and OPS specialty committees.
o       Review, revise, and publish OPSS 127 and OPSS 128.
o       Implement policies of the OPS Advisory Board.
o       Ensure consistency of OPS format in writing and drafting styles of standards.
o       Undertake editorial review to ensure basic system is complete and meets user requirements.
o       Provide budgetary administration of the OPS organization.
o       Provide expertise and interpretation of standards.
o       Prepare standards, commentaries, and revision summaries for publishing.
o       Coordinate the publishing of standards.
o       Develop and update contract tendering documents for publishing.