OPS Advisory Board - Organization

The OPS Advisory Board (Board) has general responsibility, through an informed membership, for influencing and directing the Ontario Provincial Standards for Roads and Public Works (OPS) organization. It oversees the general operation of OPS and manages the activities of the OPS Products Management and Standards Management Committees. The review and altering of the mechanism for standards development, production, and materials control and evaluation is another facet of the Board’s role.The Board is formed from different stakeholders associated with OPS. It is comprised of one MEA representative; two representatives from MTO; one representative each from CEO, City of Toronto, OGRA, ORBA, and OSWCA; the chairs of the OPS Products Management and Standards Management Committees; the Ontario Provincial Standards Unit Manager; and the Board coordinator.
The Board meets bi-annually, normally in the spring and fall, or at the call of the Board chair.
The OPS Unit appoints the Board coordinator.