OPS Advisory Board - Coordinator Responsibilities

o         Organize meetings and manage the workload of the OPS Advisory Board (Board).
o         Ensure meeting notices and agendas are prepared and distributed.
o         Record decisions and relevant comments to prepare and distribute meeting minutes.
o         Table those parts/items of the other OPS committees' minutes that require action by the Board.
o         Provide direction and advice to Board members on standards formatting and administrative matters.
o         Ensure that meetings are well organized and data is current and provided in a timely manner.
o         Act on specific outstanding issues as directed by the Board.
o         Communicate relevant decisions to non-ministry partners and stakeholders and other OPS coordinators.
o         Liaise with the coordinators of other OPS committees as required.
o         Receive and respond to correspondence directed to the Board.
o         Ensure elections for chair and vice-chair are held at the January meeting of odd numbered years.