OPS Drainage Committee - Member Responsibilities 

o         Represent the interests of the organization that appointed and approved their membership on the OPS specialty committee.
o         Attend scheduled meetings and review material provided before the meeting, perform tasks assigned by the chair, and contribute when possible to ongoing technical analysis.
o         Circulate draft standards and revision summaries within the organization they represent and gather comments from that organization for committee review, as appropriate.
o         Monitor their OPS specialty committee and subcommittee activities with respect to OPS goals.
o         Ensure standards meet the needs of the public on a province-wide basis.
o         Recommend the formation of OPS subcommittees, develop their terms of reference and operating procedure, and monitor progress.
o         Recommend members for OPS subcommittees.
o         Promote the use of OPS in keeping with the terms of reference for the OPS Standards Management Committee (SMC).
Members should attend scheduled meetings and devote time and effort to the work of the committee to ensure the timely, effective development of Ontario Provincial Standards. They should represent their organization's interests and obtain additional direction when necessary from colleagues in their organization.