OPS Drainage Committee - Terms of Reference 

o         Support the terms of reference of the OPS Standards Management Committee (SMC).
o         Provide technical expertise for development of construction and material specifications and drawings within the specialty division.
o         Develop and maintain a work plan covering standards review, revision, and development; ideally, work on specifications should proceed hand-in-hand with the addition or revision of related drawings.
o         Recommend to the SMC priorities for standards revision and development.
o         Review and revise existing standards.
o         Develop and prepare new standards.
o         Solicit input from other OPS specialty sommittees, outside agencies, interest groups, and individuals in order to incorporate appropriate changes into the standards.
o         Review standards based on the OPS cyclical review procedure.
o         Prepare commentaries for all constructions and material specifications.
o         Support the SMC in the promotion, knowledge, acceptance, and use of all components of the OPS organization.
o         Ensure standards meet the needs of users and are current with technology, materials, and construction practices.