OPS Subcommittee - Coordinator Responsibilities 

o         Organize meetings and manage the workload of the OPS subcommittee.
o         Ensure meeting notices and agenda are prepared and distributed.
o         Record decisions and relevant comments to prepare and distribute minutes of meetings.
o         Provide direction and advice to the OPS subcommittee members on standards formatting and administrative matters.
o         Ensure that meetings are well organized and data is current and provided on schedule.
o         Ensure that the terms of reference for the OPS subcommittee are carried out.
o         Prepare final draft of the material produced by the OPS subcommittee (e.g., standards, including commentaries and revision summaries) for submission to the OPS specialty committee.
o         Maintain communications with the OPS specialty committee through the committee coordinator and ensure that it is kept informed of subcommittee activities.
Normally, the coordinator will not be a member of the Ontario Provincial Standards Unit staff. Other OPS subcommittee members may carry out this function. When the Ontario Provincial Standards Unit obtains coordinator services, the coordinator’s role and responsibilities are outlined in the consultant agreement.