OPS Traffic Safety Committee - Coordinator Responsibilities

o         Organize meetings and manage the workload of the assigned OPS specialty committees.
o         Ensure meeting notices and agenda are prepared and distributed.
o         Record decisions and relevant comments to prepare and distribute minutes of meetings.
o         Provide direction and advice to the OPS specialty committee members and OPS subcommittee coordinators on standards formatting and administrative committee members or other experts.
o         Research technical data for standards analysis as required or mutually arrange to share analysis with committee members or other experts.
o         Ensure that meetings are well organized and data is current and provided on schedule.
o         Ensure that revisions to specifications and drawings are completed on schedule and that they follow the OPS format.
o         Provide draft standards and revision summaries to committee members for circulation within the organizations they represent, as appropriate.
o         When requested by the committee members, to other than organizations represented on the OPS specialty committees, distribute draft standards and revision summaries to those who can provide useful commentary within a short time frame so that the standards development process includes opportunity for comment while not delaying the estimated completion date of the standard. Assemble these review comments for the committee to review.
o         Identify and communicate with other OPS specialty committee coordinators on standards that have overlapping relationships.
o         Prepare final draft standards, revision summaries, and Publication Request forms and, where appropriate, commentaries, for submission to the OPS Standards Management Committee (SMC).
o         Prepare a Publication Information form for each standard to be published or cancelled.
o         Attend SMC meetings to resolve issues, when requested by the chair.
o         Attend the annual SMC and Specialty Committee Chairs Meeting, when invited.
o         Ensure that elections for the chair and vice-chair are held at the January meeting of odd numbered years.
o         The Ontario Provincial Standards Unit assigns the committee coordinator to each OPS specialty committee.