OPS Watermains Committee - Organization

Under the direction of the OPS Standards Management Committee (SMC), the OPS specialty committees develop and revise Ontario Provincial Standards and coordinate the work of OPS Subcommittees. Nine OPS specialty committees exist to generate and revise standards in the following areas:

  Drainage
  Electrical
  Environmental
  General Conditions
  Grading
  Pavement
  Structures
  Traffic Safety
  Watermains

Membership on the OPS specialty committees is made up of owners and partners of the OPS organization. There is provision for representatives from various sponsors and stakeholders to offer expert advice on behalf of their respective associations in an ad hoc capacity. Membership on the OPS specialty committees is subject to review by the SMC.

OPS specialty committees meet 9 to 12 times per year or at the call of the OPS specialty committee chair.

Discussion and compromise is encouraged to achieve consensus during committee deliberations. Voting on an issue is used only when a consensus cannot be achieved on an issue before the committee.

The OPS Watermains Committee is responsible for standards related to watermains and forcemains (e.g., site preparation and restoration, excavating, backfilling and compacting for all pipelines and maintenance holes, catch basins, ditch inlets and valve chambers, dewatering, thrust blocks, support systems, water services, and hydrants).
The OPS Unit appoints the committee coordinator to the OPS specialty committees.