OPS Standards Management Committee - Chair Responsibilities 

o         Approve meeting agendas and call meetings.
o         Ensure the proper, relevant conduct of meetings, and encourage and promote the efficient operation of the OPS Standards Management Committee (SMC).
o         Approve requests for guest attendance at SMC meetings.
o         Ensure that inquiries to the SMC are swiftly and completely handled.
o         Review membership of the SMC when it is apparent that a member does not attend meetings on a regular basis.
o         Attend the OPS Advisory Board (Board) as a member and report on the SMC.
o         Ensure work plan is developed and submitted to the Board.
o         Attend and chair the annual SMC and Specialty Committee Chairs Meeting.
In the absence of the chair, the vice-chair fulfills the duties of the chair.
The chair and vice-chair are elected for a two-year term in odd numbered years by the voting and non-voting members of the SMC at their January meeting, and are subject to review by the Board. Term of office commences on April 1st following the elections and ends on March 31st at the conclusion of the two-year term.  The only members that can hold office on this committee are the MTO and one of the MEA representatives.  If the chair is from MEA, the vice-chair is from MTO and vice versa.