OPS Standards Management Committee - Terms of Reference 

The role of the OPS Standards Management Committee (SMC) is to:
o         Formulate and recommend policy to the OPS Advisory Board and implement approved policy.
o         Provide direction and coordinate the activities of the OPS specialty committees.
o         Promote knowledge, acceptance, and use of the OPS throughout the province of Ontario.
o         Liaise with interested organizations that use OPS and special interest groups wishing to provide input or revisions to the standards.
o         Approve standards and direct that the standards be published and distributed.
o         Endores members for the OPS specialty committees.
o         Ensure standards meet the needs of users and are current with technology, materials, and construction practice.
o         Arrange annual SMC and Specialty Committee Chairs Meeting.
o         Address general issues related to OPS.
o         Comment on OPS activities in general.
o         Receive and review copies of all OPS specialty committee minutes.
o         Approve the establishment and membership of OPS specialty committee subcommittees.